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Prof. Sandhaus

Professor Sami Sandhaus

Associated Professor of the Stomatology Institute,

Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris Ⅵ

Member of the French Academy for Dental Surgery

Member of the Center for Restorative Dentistry (USA)

Member of honour of the Academy of Romanian Scientists

Forum Odontologicum

Avenue de Provence 4


Everybody knows that the Universe is governed by strict rules, whose violation inevitably leads to rupture.

logo.png These rules are found in the Physiology of all living substances, in the Matter itself, in the Balance of the coordinated forces, leading to the Function, the fourth pillar, which is essential to the perfect organization of our world.

We can easily extrapolate these realities to the restorative dentistry, which is our field.


Physiologie.jpgPhysiology is represented by the patient, who already has a certain condition. Our vision of treatment is not to weaken this condition by inflicting a mechanical device, improvised by the practitioner's mind, but which could not bring the desired result.


Matiere.jpgThe compatibility of matter with the patient's condition must be our first concern. The device must definitely not disturb the existing metabolism, nor be influenced by it. This matter must therefore be a constituent part of balance.


Equilibre.jpgBalance is a harmonious synthesis between physiology (living) and the amorphous matter imposed to the organism.


Fonction.jpgFunction crowns the expected result, that is a flawless mastication, ensured by a good occlusion technique, associated with agreeable aesthetics.

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