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Prof. Sandhaus

Professor Sami Sandhaus

Associated Professor of the Stomatology Institute,

Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris Ⅵ

Member of the French Academy for Dental Surgery

Member of the Center for Restorative Dentistry (USA)

Member of honour of the Academy of Romanian Scientists

Forum Odontologicum

Avenue de Provence 4

The origins of Forum Sévelin

At the origin of our international society stand the courses of restorative dentistry and implantology, given by Professor Sami Sandhaus.

The friendship created among the participants led to the foundation of I.S.O.R , the International Society for Oral Rehabilitation, whose aim was the proliferation of the concepts of prosthetic restorative dentistry and of non-metallic endo-osseous implants.

An international group of scientists (Swiss, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Belgian…) gathered at Crans Montana in Valais, to set up the basis of I.S.O.R. This was happening more than 50 years ago.

The society evolved, some of them left, others, whom we regret, such as Professor Michel Benoist or Doctor Jean Perrenoud, passed away. At present, there are three founder members left: Professors Sami Sandhaus and Serge Vanhakendover and doctor Guy B.Giltay.

The wheel of time turns and other members have joined us. We are delighted, as this allows us us to ensure the courses in Lausanne (Switzerland), at the Forum Odontologicum, and abroad as well, on non-metallic materials, on endo-osseous ceramic implants (Zircone HPI), ceramic endoradicular biopost, prosthetic techniques, removable, irremovable, combined, gnathology by N.O.R - Natural Oral Relator recording, on surgery and even robotic techniques.

Our structures are always open to all our colleagues who want to join us and learn, or share their experiences with us, at the courses or conferences given at the Forum Sévelin, in a professional and friendly environment.

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