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Prof. Sandhaus

Professor Sami Sandhaus

Associated Professor of the Stomatology Institute,

Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris Ⅵ

Member of the French Academy for Dental Surgery

Member of the Center for Restorative Dentistry (USA)

Member of honour of the Academy of Romanian Scientists

Forum Odontologicum

Avenue de Provence 4

Course Ⅴ – Non-metallic radicular restoration


This fifth section of the specific courses is based on the in-depth learning of the coronary-radicular reconstruction. It allows the use of zircon, which ensures perfect immunocompatibiliy and aesthetics, as well as a great mechanical resistance.



  • Inlay-cores:
    • Chair execution of the Inlay-core
    • Lab execution of the Inlay-core
  • Modern materials of:
    • Coronary reconstruction
    • Radicular reconstruction
    • Laboratory execution of over-crowns
  • Root supporting materials
    • Simple-regular Biopost
    • Multi-retention Biopost
    • The Z compact Biopost, in mouth direct execution
    • The clamp and its use for the divergent multi-radicular teeth
    • Magnetic Biopost for the execution of an over-denture.
  • Radicular transfixation
  • Transcortical transfixation (T.C.S.)

The number of participants to this course is limited to 15.

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