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Prof. Sandhaus

Professor Sami Sandhaus

Associated Professor of the Stomatology Institute,

Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris Ⅵ

Member of the French Academy for Dental Surgery

Member of the Center for Restorative Dentistry (USA)

Member of honour of the Academy of Romanian Scientists

Forum Odontologicum

Avenue de Provence 4

Course Ⅱ – Prosthetic Bioarchitecture


Prosthetic supra- and infrastructures are characterised by the execution simplicity and by an easy choice of the prosthetic accessories.

Theoretical and practical aspects of the elaboration of a bio-architecture.

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Conception and execution of oral rehabilitation by using natural and implantary pillars in the three classes: removable, irremovable and combined.

During this course, we approach the theoretical and practical aspects of bioarchitecture, the conception and execution of bioarchitecture, using implanted and natural pillars. Prosthetic supra- and infrastructures are characterised by the simplicity of the execution and of the prosthetic accessories' choice.

It is nevertheless preferable that practitioners be accompanied by their technician. It will be a good occasion for them to get acquainted with the accessories used for the elaboration of the suprastructure. This coordination is essential in order to ensure the durability and the quality of the restoration work.This course ends with practical work, which allows testing the knowledge acquired during the seminary (execution of holoprosthesis infrastructures), followed by a theoretical test.


  1. Prosthetic classification:
    1. Irremovable prosthesis
    2. Removable prosthesis
    3. Combined prosthesis

    All prosthetic means supported by implants will be presented

  2. Prosthetic bioarchitecture
  3. Prosthetic suprastructure executed on implants:

    Methods, choice of material, collaboration with the technician.

  4. Choice of the alloy or of the replacing material, ergonomics, saving material and time.
  5. Selection of attachments and choice facility.
  6. Lab execution of the suprastructure by means of CFAO.

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